Sneha Sharma

It takes more than a fancy degree and good grades to make your dream career a reality.

Confusing. Isn’t it?

Students frequently ask me “What more I can do”?

Believe me when I say that a degree is only the first rung on the career ladder.

Choosing the right career option is a big decision that will determine your bright future.

Even statistics show that people who choose the right career are the happiest and most satisfied.

Now the question is, “Do you have the right set of skills to make your dream job a reality”?

Do you know how to fit all your details onto one page called “RESUME”?

Do you know how to speak confidently in an interview and impress the interviewer in one shot?

The truth is that most candidates have no clue.

Clearly, the generic question “Tell me something about yourself” is still a nightmare for many.

Oh God..So many problems..I know…

Trust me we all have been there !!

That feeling when you realize what you want but need a little extra Inspiration and Polishing to make your dreams a reality.

It’s where my 11 years of experience can make a big difference in your life…take you from confusion to certainty…doubt to trust…the confidence to pursue your dream career.

Find your purpose in life by creating the right mindset and set your goals with help of my techniques to build your dream career and reach your full potential.

I have seen how aligning our strengths and passions with suitable career goals can help us reach the right opportunity.

There was a time in my own life when I was confused about what career I should go for. It’s natural to be doubtful before taking this huge step in life.

There were so many questions that kept running in my mind.

How to move forward in the right direction?  How to align my skills with a suitable career choice? How to achieve a fulfilling life with a great career?

There should be no hesitation in accepting all that before it’s too late.

I recognized my core issues and started exploring the wonderful thing called LIFE. As I moved forward I noticed that my mind works with double power if I do what I am passionate about.

Life is more satisfying when you achieve your goals with happiness and enjoy what you do every day.

What’s important to me

By keeping that in mind I designed several approaches and techniques to address the challenges faced by every professional. The solutions are tried and tested over time and proved to be beneficial.

My motivation is to provide this life-changing experience to my students and young professional community so that they achieve what they deserve.

You are at the right place where you will get answers to all questions


Get a better understanding of Yourself

Outline your dream Career

Set goals to achieve what you Deserve

Master your skills with Tested Strategies

Get an opportunity to work in your Dream Company




Workplace happiness and mental peace are extremely important to me. I enjoy playing golf, which helps me to connect with myself. As a mother of a toddler, I enjoy listening to her incredible stories and joining her in all of her mischiefs.  I’m a natural learner and a true scientist, so I love reading, studying, and researching new ideas and concepts every day. Every day, I love investing time and money in myself to become a better version.

My Core Values in Life

My Mission and Purpose

My MISSION is to help 100000 students successfully build their dream careers and get their dream job. My main aim is to assist my students in finding a job that will provide meaning to their lives. I sincerely believe that having a positive and satisfying career is everyone’s right. To accomplish this goal, I have founded the Dream Career University, a community that assists young professionals and students in getting the right career guidance at an AFFORDABLE price from anywhere in the world and helps in taking the first step toward building your dream career.

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