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Dream Career Blueprint

Get Ready to land your dream job with my easy-to-understand modules.

  • Career Clarity
  • Goal Setting
  • Magnetic Resume
  • Interview Mastery
  • Public Speaking
  • LinkedIn Networking
  • Life Manifestation

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Corporate Career Training

Develop your confidence and emerge as a leader in the workplace.

  • Resume Makeover
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Present like a Pro
  • Speak like a Leader

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Hire as an Expert

Being an expert for over a decade, I have given over 50 speeches and  worked as a content expert with various brands.

  • Content Writing
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Guest Lectures
  • Guest Courses
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Podcast/YouTube Guest

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About Me

How happy you will be if you can get that dream job for yourself and live that dream career you always aspired for.

Building your dream career should not be a complicated and time-consuming task. However, the feeling of being confused, unsure, and doubtful about the right career path is very real.  Doubts about your skills and competence are common.

Who Am I and How Can I Help?

I’m Dr. Sneha Sharma, a Certified Training and Development Coach with 11 years of experience helping students build their careers across the country. I’ve worked with over 7000 students, assisting them in establishing corporate careers at their dream companies.

With the help of my techniques, you can explore your inner self, analyze the root cause, and visualize your dream career with the right goal in your mind.

My MISSION is to help 100000 students in achieving their career goals and landing their dream jobs. I assist my students in discovering their calling and securing a career they can enjoy.


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What my STUDENTS SAY about me?

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Krupang Vachhani Student

Are you spending some time in your learnings ? I strongly believe learning and upgrading ourselves is certainly a way of success in any field. And when it's free, don't miss out on these chances of learning. I would like to share that I have completed an online workshop on Public speaking and learned how big leaders brings "charm" during their speech using specific techniques. A big thank you to our Trainer and Coach Sneha Sharma , The Career Coach for the wonderful learning opportunity in the form of online workshop named English Fluency Funnel. Looking forward to learn more in future!

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Kishore Theeraj Student

Wonderful session by Sneha Sharma , The Career Coach Mam it was so interactive and exciting. I feel hereafter there is no fear in speaking in front of others in all forms of public speaking with those four steps. Thank you so much.

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My second batch - Fluency expert given by Dr. Sneha Sharma , The Career Coach for conquering my fears and talking my heart out. Thank you for the opportunity ma’am. Because trying and taking steps to learn every skills is important I feel. Just did my first step to learn. Ma'am the session was so good and truly helped me know how I need to present myself to the people and be confident, your strategies were very helpful. Thank you for the session ma'am.

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Aishwarya Jain Student

My first post was about FEAR, Fear of posting on LinkedIn. & how did I overcome it? By actually writing a post Sounds easy, right? Well, it actually is. All you need to do is get out of your comfort zone to FACE & FIGHT that fear. That's how you become the best version of yourself! To become a writer, no matter how many courses you enrol in, webinars you attend, books you read, it boils down to actual writing part. No one is born a stellar writer, but you can become one with unlearning, learning, consistency, practice... & the same goes for 'Public Speaking', No one is born a prolific orator, but you can become one that's what I learned from Sneha Sharma , The Career Coach I attended her Public Speaking workshop & I must say it was a weekend well-spent, I got to know, Why a speaker needs to make sure the audience likes him/her even before uttering a word, The essence of storytelling in public speaking, How can you make your audience listen to you, Power of pauses, gestures, internalizing the speech like a leader & so much more. P.S. 2 Confidence, practice & do it now mindset can transform a novice into an expert!

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Bhavdeep Singh Bindra Student

Sneha Sharma , The Career Coach Mam It was a pleasure attending your webinar. We got so much involved in that webinar that we even forgot about the time. You are such a good speaker and i am so much influenced by u that i just started working on my communication skills, you are so confident. Thankyou so much mam.

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Donthula Karthiakraj Student

September 19 and September 20 I have attended an amazing public speaking workshop conducted by Sneha Sharma , The Career Coach. Sneha mam taught us many things about how to present a speech in front of a crowd of people, how should our body language be, and the common mistakes made by us while delivering a speech. Mam, I will promise you that I will follow the method you taught us and improve my public speaking skills.

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