Sneha Sharma

Learn Highly-Efficient techniques and climb your career ladder with confidence to achieve your goals

Dream Career Blueprint

Get ready to land your dream job with my easy-to-understand modules.

Career Clarity Blueprint

Will help you get clarification on your career goals if you are confused and don’t know which path to go in relation to your career or if you have several career choices in mind.

Goal Setting Blueprint

Set your goals for every sphere of your life with our master goal-setting program. Learn the Japanese approach of kaizen and define what you want to accomplish.

Magnetic Resume Blueprint

Will help you to create a resume that will always stand out. You will learn to prepare a keyword-rich targeted resume that will give outstanding results in your job search.

Interview Mastery Blueprint

Will assist you in learning the interview process step by step. We will help you with the pre-interview preparations, the dress codes, mental preparation, questions to ask during an interview, and the post-interview follow-ups.

Public Speaking Blueprint

Powerful Speaking is an important skill set. You must know what to say and the way to say it will determine the outcome of your hard work. This course will transform you into a confident and natural public speaker.

LinkedIn Networking Blueprint

This section will walk you through the steps of creating an All-Star LinkedIn profile. Learn the art of optimizing your profile and using the platform to find new and better job opportunities.

Life Manifestation Blueprint

Stop waiting for life to change and give you opportunities. It’s time to take charge and create the career of your dreams. Allow yourself to step into your inner power, connect with the universe, align your goals, and achieve them.

Corporate Career Training

Boost your corporate career with my specially designed programs and climb up the ladder.

Resume Makeover

Customize your resume to reflect the next corporate step you want to take. Be sure to highlight your qualifications properly and stand out in a competitive market.

Mock Interview Preparation

Get ready for your next interview with my mock interview training with live sessions, which will help you make the necessary impression to land the dream work you've always wanted.

Present like a Pro

Give your presentation a new life with my tips on how to be a more successful presenter and become a seasoned presenter at work.

Speak Like a Leader at your workplace

By using the proper delivery process, you will become a more confident speaker at work. Learn how to deliver your content in front of an audience and keep them engaged with your presentation.

Hire as EXPERT

Content Writing

Hire me to write content for your blogs or websites about career clarity, resume writing, interview preparation, group discussion techniques, presentation skills, and public speaking skills so that you can stand out in the market.

Keynote Speeches

With my clear and crisp messages about life professionalism and career development, I can help you inspire and pump up your squad, student group, or employee group. With my support, you can infuse your team with much-needed energy and excitement.

Guest Lectures

My vast experience and expertise in the fields of student grooming, career growth, marketing, customer behavior, retailing, advertisement, training, and development will assist you in providing your team and students with the best possible knowledge boost.

Guest Courses

I am qualified to teach online/offline courses at your institution in areas such as communication skills, career development, marketing, advertising, and human resources. To date, I have taken over 30 courses at four different colleges.

Subject Matter Expert

Need assistance in developing your course on career clarity, resume creation, interview preparation, group discussion, and public speaking? I can use my extensive experience to assist you in creating content that works. I have previously worked with brands such as Bada Business by Dr. Vivek Bindra and myAthena and assisted them in developing their content.

Podcast/YouTube Guest

You can use my knowledge and stories to connect with millennials by inviting me to your podcast and YouTube interview. I would be delighted to share my experiences with your tribe and inspire them to become better versions of themselves.

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